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GenesONS Research Data Management (ONSshoebox)

The GenesONS Research Data Management facilities use the open source TikiWiki software to allow you to share, manage and develop research ideas using a wide range of online collaboration capabilities.

Now you can get to grips with all the assorted information each member of your research group has stored in various different 'shoe boxes'. These facilities can be used for the pooling and the safe online storage of your research group's unstructured and GenesONS ONS One Name Study Studies family history genealogy collaborative research wiki file storage discussion forum photo gallery PhpGedView ONSshoebox GEDCOM hosting collaborate data repository tools share Gallery subscription serviceprimary research data. You can now store and catalogue your research material such as certificate details, BMD indices, photographs and all your various notes and thoughts. With capabilities such as wiki, file repository, content management, discussion forums, and photo galleries, you can bring order to all your raw data as well as storing it safely and sharing it with your research group.

This GenesONS service is provided as a centrally hosted facility as a component in a number of Subscription Packages. Your users can access the service from a menu at a dedicated web site that is established for each subscription. The service provides the software fully installed with a dedicated MySQL database and is ready to use with an initial login/password for the group administrator. The group administrator can then add as many new users as required with defined permissions to add new content and create new information structures. The widening group of researchers can then evolve and maintain the research data whilst GenesONS maintains the operational aspects of the system, including ONSshoebox version management as new releases are made available. The usage of the service contributes to the Storage and Bandwidth Resource Limits that are aggregated across all service components within any particular Subscription Package.

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