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PhpGedView version management

The PhpGedView software is maintained and evolved on an open source basis with regular updates, typically every 6 months, being made available that fix bugs or security issues and add new functionality.

The GenesONS policy is to update individual subscriptions to the latest version of software in due course, but our practice is to review the specific new version when it is first released and to wait a period of time to ensure it really is stable, since it is often the case that a new bug is found in a new release prompting a further release very shortly thereafter.

It should be noted that a GenesONS instance of PhpGedView does not implement all the optional features that are available with the software. Our current production processes for example do not enable the PunBB discussion board nor the Gallery module, since these functions are available through other GenesONS service features. In addition, whilst Google maps is enabled each subscriber must register and use their own GoogleMap API key.


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