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What is open source software ?

Open source is an approach to software development, which has grown significantly in importance in recent years, and harnesses the power of collaboration across a large number of developers. Normally conducted on a non-commercial basis the resultant products are made available through a number of different license arrangements but the outcome of such developments is generally software with better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, and lower cost.

GenesONS has utilised this growing software development approach to select a number of well supported and functionally rich software products, that we have configured to support the goals of collaborative genealogical research, and have made available on a hosted basis. uses tikiwiki

The ONSshoebox service uses the TikiWiki Groupware and Content Management system. This is a very extensive set of capabilities from which GenesONS has selected a subset of features and has developed a specific configuration and style to support the goals of genealogical research.            uses PhpGedView

The PhpGedView service uses the PhpGedView software, a very feature rich open source system that has grown in popularity enormously in recent years. GenesONS provides this software as a component of several subscription packages allowing the subscriber to use a wide range of the facilities available.            uses Gallery

The Gallery service uses the Gallery open source software. This is a very extensive set of image management capabilities and GenesONS makes the full range of features available in several Subscription Packages.



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